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Isn’t it time to bring your true value to your clients and your firm?

A platform that works the way you do

You provide trusted advice and counsel to the family. All other advisors rely on you for your fiduciary expertise. To be successful, you need access to the most timely and accurate information across the whole family office ecosystem. Imagine having the option of structuring the family office ecosystem to work the way you work? If you could access the full life-cycle of information in context to its related workflow and processes the way you remember it? What if you could eliminate duplications and inefficiencies across all offices and overlapping roles while you promote accountability and transparency?

If you’re wondering what you could accomplish if you were able to spend more of your time on the strategic, innovative work that makes you invaluable to your family office, it’s time to give yourself the bandwidth to find out.

The cost of missed opportunity

Are you constantly trying to put out administrative fires that prevent you from applying more time to the fiduciary tasks that add value to your role? There is no way to accurately quantify the operational costs that result from being mired down in the management of data. Outdated, inefficient manual processes generate numerous redundancies across the ecosystem. Complex work spread throughout disparate systems like email, document systems and spreadsheets lack context for effective understanding -- often resulting in delays and miscommunications. Worse still, these inefficient patterns become even more pronounced as they are handed down to successors who do not have the historical knowledge to make sense of them. These pain points aren't just creating headaches to be ignored, they’re the potential for costly mistakes that impact the sustainability of your family office.

Optimizing your impact

Revolutionize the family office ecosystem with iPaladin, a comprehensive, centralized Digital Family Office™ platform that gives back control over, and insight into, all engagements related to the protection and growth of the family and their wealth. We can help you regain control of your workday, allowing you to optimize your impact by applying your skills where they are needed most, and to create value from your experienced counsel and knowledge.

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