iPaladin | The Digital Family Office

Data Ownership, Data Privacy and Customer Privacy Policy

Data Ownership

It is a primary objective of iPaladin to offer our customers the highest level of data ownership protection possible. This means that the Customer designated under the Subscription Services Agreement is the sole legal owner of any and all information stored within their iPaladin Family Database. It is our business policy to verify the identity of the Customer before fulfilling any and all requests in order to protect against fraudulent or unauthorized attempts to gain access to information. During the subscription initiation process, we will confirm the required controls for verification of identity.

To further protect a Customer’s digital assets, iPaladin manages the issuance and deactivation of our Customer’s Family Administrator accounts. In the event a Family Administrator account needs to be disabled, the Customer will need to submit the request to iPaladin directly. By default, Family Administrators have full access to all information in the Family Database, and full permissions to view, edit, add & delete any information in the system. They also are responsible for adding, managing, and controlling the access and permissions of all Regular Users.

Data Privacy

Another primary objective of iPaladin is to provide our customers with the highest level of data privacy possible. The iPaladin application has been designed to limit our Company’s exposure and participation to activity required for deployment and management of a Customer’s Family Database. As your Subscription Administrator, the scope of your information within our viewing access is limited to the Customer’s Family Database name and the identify of the Customer’s Family Administrators. No other information stored within your Family Database is readable by iPaladin employees.

Your Privacy

The Customer information we collect and retain is limited to the information provided by the Customer during the subscription initiation and renewal process. Our company does not share Customer information with any third-party. Since third-party applications have become a primary entry point for cyberattacks, iPaladin does not participate in common industry practices of using Third-Party software to manage a Customer’s personal information or any part of the subscription process from sales to subscription initiation. Our company utilizes its own iPaladin subscription to protect a Customer’s personal information and to manage all customer relationships.

The moment a Customer indicates an intention to purchase, we provide access to an iPaladin Subscription Collection to facilitate the exchange of information including the subscription agreement and other supporting documentation. This provides an encrypted environment for a Customer to view the entirety of their iPaladin history.

We are confident that you will not find a safer, more secure place to house your Digital Family Office than with iPaladin. If you have any further questions on security, privacy, or access into iPaladin please contact us at: 813-616-5950