Family Office Client Service Powered by Technology

I want my successors to be empowered to grow the success and wealth achieved under my leadership.

Create a sustainable legacy

You are the first generation capable of leveraging technology to engage with external advisors the same way you engage with your family office, gaining centralized management over a decentralized ecosystem. View your entire family office ecosystem on one interface, simplifying your access to relevant communications, pending projects, meetings and transactions and all historic records. Doing things that weren’t previously possible, measure success with a new set of metrics. The right technology creates new ways to affirmatively approach wealth management and acquisition strategies, transitioning from business as usual to an agile family office aligned for greater wealth participation, profitability and sustainability. When it’s time to hand over the reins to the next generation, they seamlessly step into historic contextual records enabling your legacy and tradition to guide their future leadership.

Resisting irrelevancy

Are you worried about the overall sustainability of your family office? Puzzled how your family office will take advantage of cutting-edge solutions like artificial intelligence when you haven’t moved away from paper-based processes yet? Are you worried that if your leadership doesn’t create a pathway for change that the family office could become irrelevant to the more technically adept third generation?

A scalable and configurable path to success

The role of managing a successful family office is both complex and challenging. Engaging the right technology partner to scale your family office service, however, doesn’t have to be. Partner with a digital family office expert focused on supporting human-curated services in an infinitely configurable way. At iPaladin, we help you set your own standards and goals while offering you unparalleled control over a contextualized, centralized management system

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