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Should we innovate? How a customized approach to tech can leave your family office poised for scalable growth.


Because family offices are each unique in their culture, structure and business processes, digital family office platforms must be agile, flexible and hyper-customizable. A digital family office solution that customizes to your needs is not a perk, it’s an imperative to maintaining relevancy and scalable growth as a family office.

Zeroing out inefficiency: modernizing your digital family office


Whether we are aware of it or not, we are spending too much of our time seeking context. No office today can quantify these costs, but we all intuitively know the amount is too high. Adopting a system that automates context into records and actions will decrease stress, increase agility to deploy capital and exceed family expectations.

Blockchain Is The Next Evolution Of Digital Record Keeping


In the realm of record-keeping, digitization has both helped and hindered the day-to-day lives of those of us who can broadly be described “knowledge workers,” or people who manage and develop knowledge for a living: Asset Managers, CPAs, lawyers, accountants, bankers, for example. Today, knowledge workers are dealing with information that’s scattered throughout multiple disparate systems.

Why Blockchain Can Transform Your Family Office


Blockchain’s greatest benefit isn’t the power of the technology itself, but rather, the power it gives to the people who use it. While the technological capabilities of blockchain are certainly vast, the real advantages are the efficiencies it brings to each participant, from the boardroom to the mailroom; blockchain effectively empowers everyone using it to focus on higher-level work.

Complex Private Wealth Management Needs Blockchain


Over the past 20 years, I’ve served in various roles within the wealth management industry. In that time, I’ve seen that the most prevalent problems in the industry are the lack of access to information, followed by breakdowns in communication, followed by inadequate records to calm heightened levels of concern.

Complex private wealth management requires the services of many people with different roles

Technology Should Help Knowledge Workers Not Hinder Them


In theory, digitization over the last 25 years has reduced the amount of time it takes for knowledge workers to perform their work. In reality, that’s not always the case. Let’s consider the history of information documentation and how technology, until now, has failed to measure up.