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The Technology Gap - With years of experience working directly with Family Offices, we recognized and suffered first hand the gaps between existing technologies and Family Office management.  We developed iPaladin to fill those gaps and meet the unique needs of Family Offices. 

Family Privacy - iPaladin® is different from other technology providers.  Our principles have been developed by fiduciaries who know what needs to be done and who appreciate the duration of the families we serve.  Respecting their privacy and confidentiality is paramount.

Data Ownership & Security - The most significant risk families face today is lack of ownership and control over their digital information.  Knowing that our families will continue for generations, our technology has been designed from the ground up to prevent the risk of losing data that is spread through multiple disparate systems that could be abandoned or seized.  iPaladin consolidates family data in a secure system that our clients control.

Committed to Protecting Family Data - Many technology companies are seeking additional revenue opportunities by harvesting valuable information about the world's wealthiest families by running analytics behind their data.  We believe this is an invasion of privacy and are committed to refraining from this violation.  We restrict our visibility into the hierarchy of names of the family's entities, user names and underlying data.

The iPaladin Legacy - Founded in 2010, we are an evergreen company that views our duration to be the same as our subscriber families.  We look forward to helping families find the peace of mind to transparently know everything's being effectively managed, reduce the drag of mundane work on senior professional time, and provide a means for families to own, control and protect their information.


Jill N. Creager

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
iPaladin, LLC

Jill Creager is the force behind iPaladin, a digital platform that supports the management and administration of family offices. Her more than 20 years’ experience in family private wealth includes serving as a trust and estates attorney, a corporate trust officer, and as CEO and founder of a multi-family office. Jill developed iPaladin to address the needs of family members, family office professionals, and advisors to share vital information in a secure virtual environment; to support governance, operations, and compliance; and to reduce the complexity, costs, and risks of managing a family office. Jill is well versed in every aspect of family offices.