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Are you managing your systems or are they managing you?

Serving family office clients is a high calling. Are your current systems slowing you down?

Do they leave you feeling like there’s too much busywork managing information? Tired of touching the same work multiple times, after you spent 5-10 minutes looking for the last step? Regularly frustrated searching through duplicates of randomly named documents or having to ask and wait?

Do today’s cyber criminals make you question whether there’s a better way to conduct private conversations and share information online?

Exhausted by disparate tech options that address one problem but leaving you questioning how they might exacerbate others?

As due diligence experts, you know your questions are valid. We removed these technology complications from our family office and want to help you do the same.

iPaladin’s Digital Family Office™ Platform

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We so often emphasize how much better communication and information sharing have gotten, that we forget to ask, "is my technology truly serving my family office?"

Jill Creager

Digital Family Office™ Platform for the Modern Family Office

iPaladin’s Digital Family Office™ platform provides a better way to manage a family office. Its unique infrastructure enables diverse ecosystem activity to be orchestrated around one source of truth to mitigate risk, materialize efficiency and promote the strategic governance of generational wealth.

As the complexity of a family’s wealth increases, availability to accurate information decreases. The volume of information relevant to a generational family and their wealth continues to grow faster than disparate systems and antiquated tools can adapt to manage. A future-proof infrastructure is no longer a luxury for the family’s expert advisors.

iPaladin’s blockchain technology surfaces the DNA of the family’s decisions, plans, contracts and agreements, making is easier to scale growth and realize organizational and governance efficiencies, without compromising accuracy, accessibility or security. Professionals can augment their services with technology, freeing up time and energy to create more opportunities and preserve the family’s institutional knowledge for generations to come.

Digital Family Office Benefits

Family Office Ecosystem Governance

Family Office Ecosystem Governance

Consistent centralized governance system to scale the management and oversight of private wealth. With virtual access, all roles and functions can be decentralized among a diverse family office ecosystem to empower each family member, external advisor and staff member to work with a more strategic focus.

Knowledge Interface

Knowledge Interface

iPaladin enables successors to step in where their predecessor left off, ensuring the preservation of institutional knowledge. iPaladin’s permission system adapts naturally to different levels of responsibility to account for all roles and responsibilities in order to keep everyone informed and efficiently engaged on a need-to-know basis. You’ll spend less time finding what you need and more time on strategic focus with contextual, fact-based records and proactive lists, automatically refreshed in real time.

Family Ownership

Family Ownership and Control

In this age where digital surveillance has become a norm, rest assured that no one else will have access or claim to your family office. iPaladin acts in your best interests, setting new standards for zero knowledge technology platforms for family offices.

Military-Grade Cybersecurity

Military-Grade Cybersecurity

iPaladin is a full-stack private knowledge blockchain system deployed within a military-grade AWS cloud environment. We utilize multiple tiers of protective infrastructure, including security systems and data storage facilities, that are fully automated using industry standard deployment orchestration tools. This provides the flexibility to redeploy a fully functional working copy of the iPaladin environment in a new AWS availability zone in a matter of hours in response to a cyber-attack, capacity or other availability challenges

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