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iPaladin’s Digital Family Office system is used by professionals to govern and assure essential information and vital activities are efficient, completed and provable.

It provides capabilities for every stakeholder, advisor, and administrator to work together:  tax, law, insurance, real estate, finance, investments, etc., to achieve a whole picture of the full life cycle of the family office.

It embraces all capabilities of other functional systems, like financial accounting systems, portfolio reporting systems and office utility systems (email, calendars, etc.) making them more productive and valuable to your business.

It accomplishes this while ensuring secure and convenient access to a single source of truth for business knowledge, management review and family legacy.

It was more difficult getting answers about my private wealth than my global company. We had many partnerships, trusts and a private foundation and multiple investments, mostly alternative. Financial reports were typically two quarters behind where the business was. With our private wealth, it was doubly important to get my children up to speed. My son was working with me and he needed to know where things stood. Implementing iPaladin changed the game. Today, on my morning walk, I wanted to look at some documents, and instead of getting my lawyer on the phone, I just pulled them up myself. iPaladin has improved my relationship with my professionals. Because I was prepared, they were able to work with me easier and faster. It’s more satisfying for both of us. I am able to worry less and just let my office run in the background.

I don’t want 50 employees. I want 10 with the right tools.

The decision was made to outsource reporting so they no longer needed to buy an accounting system. Their smaller family office staff will have complete control over best-in-class selected external advisory firms.

It’s hard follow in the footsteps of a father who built a global company from boot-strapped efforts. iPaladin allowed me to access his decisions and values about growing the family’s wealth and self-actualize into my own leadership style. It was like learning to bowl with bumper pads, which significantly shortened my typical learning curve. With every advisor’s contributions recorded, it was easy to integrate into the family office network, understand everyone’s role and find ways to add value.

I know everything is getting done but I wanted a bird’s eye view to see and verify without having to ask. Also, we have had a lot of turnover, I want everything digitized so that if one person leaves, the next person step in and train themselves.

we help you amplify the way you think about organizing information

GAAP standards govern what actions are required and what records must be kept, but what guides your organization to make information accessible later? What process ensures that you can access/ locate those records in the event of an audit?

Portfolio reporting systems produce vital information, but what processes do you have in place to ensure that the data reported is complete and accurate?

Fiduciary responsibilities govern how you manage risk, but how confident are you that you have exposed all forms of risk? 

How do you guarantee the accessibility of records so you can find them when you need them?

What ensures that you are maintaining confidentiality and security?

iPaladin’s Digital Family Office is the only system that is uniquely designed to empower your family office to sustainably address these questions.

iPaladin adds value to your current systems

iPaladin’s Digital Family Office is a complete organization system for the full life-cycle of family office work, like the valuation process of a single asset illustrated below. Investment reporting is an information-intensive activity that reoccurs in a repeating 30-day cadence. Complexity is introduced when offices manually perform this process for hundreds or even thousands of assets. iPaladin’s digital design capabilities enable these types of complex processes to be designed top-down, creating a complete chain of custody around all required interactions, information received, information produced, decisions and approvals. Critical facts are easily accessible to tax and legal advisors months later for strategic planning to mitigate the tax impact.
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Designed specifically for a family office, iPaladin unifies capabilities across multiple functional systems, like accounting and portfolio reporting systems, to create a complete chain of custody around the full life-cycle of professional work for unsurpassed efficiency, review and approval.

iPaladin technology

Family Office Ecosystem Governance

Distributed Ledger

Leverages blockchain methodologies to transform work already occurring across a diverse multi-disciplinary family office network and utilizes distributed ledger capability to introduce new standards for virtual collaborative work spanning stakeholders, advisors and administrators.

Knowledge Interface

Single Source of Truth

Combines all capabilities of disparate systems into a more efficiently managed single source of truth system to improve ROI and strategic performance.

Family Ownership


Ensure a complete chain of custody within a system of information that grows over time.

Military-Grade Cybersecurity

Family Knowledge

Family institutional knowledge protected by a zero-knowledge privacy commitment and military-grade security.

Knowledge Interface

A Better Way

Introduces a better way to organize, control and secure a family office.

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