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The Digital Family Office

An evolutionary platform that orchestrates

services and people around a single source of truth.

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You click the keys... iPaladin connects and protects your dots.

What are dots?

Millions of separate communication threads, unstructured documents, isolated actions and decisions. Every day, offices consistently add a blizzard of new dots to their digital landscape, exacerbating the current business process and information overload. Ready to convert your dots to knowledge?

iPaladin is a full-stack private knowledge blockchain platform for enterprise, strategy, operations and governance. It organizes complex processes and information in multidimensional structures. iPaladin’s platform supports the security, storage, navigation, discovery, discernment, finding and retention of an organization’s knowledge.

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Why isn't our business information connected today? Blame it on yesterday's primitive technology that separates business processes and information into multiple email accounts, to-do lists and document storage vaults concealing valuable business intelligence from your team.

Document Management Systems are single, siloed storage systems that offer little, if any, context or relevance of information within the organization’s strategy. CRM Systems isolate related-clients in a series of separate silos leaving the business team to develop work-arounds. The misfit between complex business processes and client relationships result in multiple role-based versions of the records.

Separate systems provide little, if any, landmarks, road signs or flashing caution lights to help you navigate dot landfills. Business teams spend thousands of hours annually, placing each dot under a microscope for closer inspection to reassemble context, relevance and determine next steps.

Waste wedges its way into business economics as hours are lost trying to verify the most recent steps or latest version. When there's no time to search, redundancy or duplication slips into the business day.

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Built from the ground up in collaboration with the line of business and subjected to rigorous testing for the past ten years. iPaladin is a private decentralized knowledge blockchain platform designed and developed to network around a single source of truth.

Create permissioned collaborative records. Distribute to all participants. Track by individual, by group, or by subject or transaction. Aggregate communications, services and information. Account for all disciplines: investments, business, finance, tax and law. Verify sufficiency of everyone’s participation. Immutable when ready, a single version of the truth to protect all stakeholders, locked and preserved as a permanent record.

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Evolutionary Change

Technology That Works Like People Work. The iPaladin Digital Family Office platform is a comprehensive operational architecture to establish a digital, lean, agile and sustainable Family Office. iPaladin’s methodology allows organizations to streamline operations around information, account for who is doing what, and verify the sufficiency of documentation and communication, while increasing internal privacy and external cybersecurity protocols.

Establish a decentralized governance environment. Create distributed records for the work that’s important to you. Grant access and permission rights. Assign roles and responsibilities to create consensus and transparency. Engage knowledge blockchain technology to aggregate all collateral in one comprehensive real-time record. Review each record for sufficiency and lock.

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Data Privacy

Be wary of free or low-cost systems that expose your customer information to analytics. Data analytics firms pay significant fees to mine and harvest your customer information. In 2017, Forbes valued the big data analytics market at $203 billion. More recently Facebook paid $22 billion to show targeted messages to WhatsApp’s 1.5 billion customers who signed up for ad-free, encrypted messaging. This sub-set of Artificial Intelligence is on a data-consumption mission, scouring the Internet collecting, identifying and predicting human behavior.

Avoiding public exposure has become a trap for the uninformed; consumers must read the fine print of data privacy policies. The privacy of your personal information is generally protected and includes your name, email and account information. However, the voluminous amount of customer information that you enter into systems such as communications, documents, to-do lists, schedules, meetings, financial data and reports are not typically protected. The important distinction between personal and customer information has made the headlines recently with the Cambridge Analytics Scandal. More than 87 million Facebook users across the globe learned that the social media giant had allowed developers to collect customer information from everyone who had not specifically changed their privacy settings. In essence, users agree to subsidize the cost of these free or low-cost systems with the exposure of their customer information to analytics.

For data privacy, the key question is how much of your business communications, documents, to-do work lists, schedules, meetings, financial data and reports do you want exposed? With iPaladin’s full-stack private knowledge blockchain platform, we protect your business knowledge applying the highest standards to your personal and customer information.

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Data ownership

Fee simple ownership of land, leaseholds and trespass are long-established legal principals governing our tangible landscapes. However, laws governing our digital landscapes are unsettled and non-existent. Today’s businesses place a heavy reliance on third-party systems and document portals for use as their digital filing cabinet. Without clarity of data ownership, your business intelligence may be subject to digital trespass or even digital adverse possession, like with the Facebook-Cambridge Analytics Scandal.

At iPaladin, we see digital ownership in simple terms. Your data is your digital asset. Boundaries of ownership are delineated and respected. iPaladin does not access, use or sell your information for any type of gain, financial or otherwise. Nor do we expose the flow of your information to any third-party. With no intermediary networks and complete data ownership, iPaladin is a safe place for your business knowledge.

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